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I am relatively new to the embroidering field but have been getting calls for patches now and then. I currently limit my patches to felt or similar material because it does not fray.
I recently purchased an old A3DW3 machine that, like most old merrow's, runs like a top. I hope to use it until I win the Lotto and can afford an MG-3U.
I personally like a Merrow stitch at the edge and am working towards that.

Question #1 is: How close can I get with the A3 machine?
I currently have a #32 feed cam in and the stitch looks great but it is still pretty broad. I'd settle for a good clean purl stitch.

Question #2. I am also wondering what thread is best for emblem edging? Cotton? Poly? Yarn? What weight?
Before investing is miles of thread I'll never use beyond the test bed, I wonder if anyone would like to share some info.

Question #3. Will a #100 feed cam actually close the stitch enough to effectively make a viable stitch?

Question #4. Does anyone have a #100 feed cam they would like to part with?

Question #5. Does anyone have a manual for an A3DW they would like to sell?

Nuf questions.


Mike Rieker
Dunedin, FL

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Comment by Valerie Nadalet on June 22, 2013 at 1:04am

I just bought an oldie amd am trying to learn to use it. Also new to the Merrow Community page and not sure how to find the flow of conversations. Did you ever get answers to your questions?  And how is it going for you?  I also make patches with the embroidered edge - but add a small margin for them to be sewn on so that they don't sew thru the embroidery.  Sometimes- this just doesn't work when you have to make a specific fit.

Val - in Spokane


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