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Hello Merrow Community,

I recently purchased a Merrow A-3w overlock from eBay. According to the serial (59622) It was manufactured in the mid 30's. I was wondering if anyone knew about this model or how the model numbers are made up. Are all A series machines the same? I'm also looking to know the intended uses like if this was built for light/med material or can it handle heavier stuff like double layers of denim or canvas?

Do owners manuals exist for them if so does anyone know where I can get one?

Thanks for any help,


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The A series was one of our original platforms. It describes a combination of frame and cam design. All A class machines are very much different... This machine was designed to sew lightweight woven material, likely for general serging. You will be limited by the throw of the loopers for heavyweight goods, but I expect that if you sew slowly, that you'll likely be able to manage a fairly wide range of material. 

For manuals, your best bet is to use the M/MG manuals. We have been very consistent in the backwards compatibility over the years, and you should fine more than enough information to get going. 



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