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Locking in the Start and Finish stitch on circular objects.

 Machine= MG-3DW-4   No. 5 needle, T-70 thread.

What is the most attractive way to lock-in the start and finish stitching when sewing circular objects?



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Are you edging or seaming the round object? can you send a picture? 

Edging a felt backed leather disc.   6" to 24" circular discs.

I think I figured it out.

I start with about a 4-6"  chain.

I start sewing with the edge under the needle.

No cutter,(the material is precut and fixed to a freely rotating platform)

When it comes around to the end I make sure I pull the starter chain underneath.

I finish the last stitches manually, overlapping the start by a couple of stitches or so.

With the needle up, I move the presser foot and "wiggle" the item out, while feeding it thread.

Making sure the needle thread is coming out the bottom, I tie the 3 loose threads to each other, trim, and tuck them into the bottom stitch.

Then I will glue them, too.

I do something similar with my MG-3U when merrowing patches.  When I get back around to the starting point I overlap the beginning a couple of stitches and then with the needle up I slide the patch forward a bit to get the stitches off of the little pointy feeder arm that is to the right of where the needle enters the needle plate.  Then I manually rotate the needle down and to the side of the merrowed edge and lock in the stitch for the next two stitches.  Then I run the machine and create a tail.  The starting tail I cut off since it is locked in place be the overlap and the final tail I glue down to the patch with hot glue.

I like what Mr. Davies suggests - this is hands down the most common way to do it. Send us pictures if you have  finished some. 

Here's a video I made a while ago for Jr that someone else may find helpful



I like that!

Only, I can't leave the tail showing on my stuff.

Thanks for the video for future reference.




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