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I, have the Merrow Style No: 10577B  Serial No: A-3DW

However, it was set for roll-hem serging when purchased.

How do I get the roll hem changed to the 1/8" regular serging

to serge regular dresses, etc.? This machine was built between

1900- 1912. It is as perfect today as when new. Please some-

body help!








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Can you post pictures of your machine so that we can see how it's setup

Mr. Merrow,

I, have had pneumonia. Sorry that I have not been able to

get back to you.   I, will try to get pictures of this serger,

asap, & send.  I, need this machine, so badly.


Rev. Anna Clark



we hope you're feeling better. let us know what you have the pics and info



Thanks Mr.  Merrow!

As soon as I can slow down I will make a pic & send.

These machines, I used while in high school; I was

one of the best sergers, but could operatae any

of the machens at O'brien's pants factory.  The

machine I have is like new, yet built  between

1900-1912.  It runs like new, but I can't remember

how to thread it, or change the serger stitch to 1/8

stitch.I'll send pic asap.

Rev. Anna Clark

5515  S. Calgary Terrace

Inverness, Fl. 34452

PH. 352-419-7212



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